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Foam Insulation
Isn't it all the same?

While both Spray Foam and Injection Foam insulation can make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable the biggest difference for the homeowner is in the application of the foam.


Spray Foam Insulation is applied in situations requiring the insulation to adhere to flat surfaces such attic roof decks, crawl spaces, or exposed walls.  For existing walls drywall and old insulation must be removed because Spray Foam requires a clean surface to adhere to,  Spray Foam is applied from the interior.


Crusader RetroFoam, LLC specializes in Injection Foam Insulation.


Injection Foam Insulation requires an enclosed cavity because it does not adhere to a surface, rather it fills the cavity.  This makes it ideal to add insulation to existing walls and concrete block walls. Old fiberglass insulation does not need to be removed before RetroFoam is injected.  This is easily done from the exterior.

Find out what injection insulation might cost for your home.

Signs that it is time to consider Crusader RetroFoam Injection Insulation

Your monthly energy bills are consistently high

You deal with uncomfortable rooms year-round

Your heater & air conditioner never take a break

Noticeable drafts coming from electrical outlets & light switches

Condensation & mold on the walls

Walls are cold to the touch

Dishes are ice cold

Allergies are becoming an issue inside the home

Existing wall insulation is more than 15 years old

Pests have turned your wall insulation into their forever home

Benefits of Injection Foam Insulation

Creates an air seal that stops airflow into and out of your home.

Can reduce noise transmission into your home with its sound dampening properties.

Insulating exterior walls can help reduce the number of allergens and pollutants in your home.

Can actually pay you back with the money you save on monthly energy bills.

Can help combat condensation caused by extreme temperature differences from forming on your exterior walls.

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